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FREE Shipping Over $50
FREE Shipping Over $50
Customer Satisfaction #1 Priority
Customer Satisfaction #1 Priority
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30 Day Easy Returns

About Us

I Proudly Display the U.S. Flag as the father of an Eagle Scout and a U.S. Veteran.

I first started selling items in 2019 on an e-commerce site by offering to sell just a few things that I used personally to customers.  Now my products are on three different platforms and I am selling hundreds of items.

Customer service is one of my chief values.  I enjoy listening and helping to answer customer's questions.  Many friendships have developed from helping people and listening to their concerns.  By working to become a reliable source of information and help, and by offering personal service at the same time, I am continually growing for the future.

 Our Values

  • Reliabllity
  • Great Customer Service
  • Trust
  • Personal Service
  • Fair And Low Pricing
  • Great Buying Experence